Tuesday 2 October 2018

Allegations and Reporting

So I just came back from therapy. Therapy is a good thing and we makes sure we can afford it because we know it matters.

We spent a good chunk of time talking me down from the ledge I was on because Child and Family Services called today because they want to run a parallel  investigation into the one the police are running. Needless to say the conversation did not go well and I  was not very excited at the over zealous worker who seemed to think that our children needed to be interviewed again and they wanted to come inspect our home as well.

We reported our concerns about Randal and Kate ourselves, we reported what needed to be said and they came out and interviewed our kids a month ago. The case was handed to the police and charges were laid. outside of working with the police as we move forward we thought that was all we were going to need to do.

Until they called today. There is nothing that frustrates me more then a system that does not work.

There are real situations where they are needed out there, real kids in need of protection and they are calling us a month later to dot some i's because their checklist says they must.

My children have been through so much in the last month and the last thing they need is someone showing up at their school unannounced to question them and then send them back to class and expecting them to cope and make it through the rest of the day.

I made it very clear to them that anything that happened would be announced and done in a way that would not traumatize the kids but I can't even believe that I have tell them that.

Seriously. What about the kids who are dying in foster care or the ones being abused by people who are supposed to keep them safe.

Yes, my kids had something horrible happen to them but the person who did it is not in our home and we are doing our level best to help them regain some control. I am hoping someone is listening at the office and we can go away on vacation knowing that we will not have to come back to a gong show.

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