Saturday 29 March 2014

Archived Post 2014 - But I wanna

I wanna be blogging but there is just so much to do everyday and there are just not enough hours.... wah.

But I miss this, I miss writing, I need and want to make time to do it. I am going to try really hard to make time. It might not be often and it might not be great but it will be done.

We are all alive, we have come through some rough patches with the kids who continue to grow and change even thought I keep asking them to stop getting so darn big. Those small smiling boys in my header photos have deep voices, pimples and often smell like teenagers. The small girl child is still small although she is rapidly getting bigger and stronger and will not be be a little girl for long.

Life is always busy, this week someone got busted for smoking at school and let me assure you it was not Kate. Work is good and I am thrilled to be snuggling babies all day, they are a great way to start people off. My kids  (who come to work everyday after school)  like them too and it is good for them to see what little people need to develop and it gives us a chance to talk about some of things they missed. I love the schools the kids are at and am happy that we made the choice to deal with the driving so that they could go to better schools that could meet their needs.

I have working on lots of post adoption support pieces and that is one of the many reasons I feel the need to be blogging, people are still reading here, still looking for answers and I feel that those of us who are walking on this path might as well be doing it together. So I am going to try to write, to vent and use this as a place where adoptive parents can be reminded that they are not alone

We are alive and we are well enough. We will get up tomorrow and start again.