Monday 9 July 2012

Archived Post 2012 - This is hard.

  • it is hard to say that the post I was going to write today has been postponed cause this was a day that has left me spent.
  • it is really hard to here a child you have loved for 4 years tell you that he wishes he lived somewhere else. 
  • that he wishes he lived with a parent who hurt him, neglected him and left him alone. 
  • it is hard to watch him struggle through the pain of realizing that this woman, his first mother gave him life but hurt him so profoundly.
  • it is hard to explain addiction to children. 
  • it is hard to be rejected even though you do everything you can to be  the best parent you can be. 
  • it is hard to listen to your kid dig themselves a great big hole with their fantasies about what might of been and every time you offer them a rope to climb out they throw it in your face.
  • it is hard to remain hopeful when a kid is screaming at you about how horrible you are.
  • it is hard to be understanding when all you want to do is yell at them for the crappy choices they are making. 
  • it is hard to be a Mom. 
  • it is hard to listen to your kid tell stories designed to get another kid in trouble, they are not quiet lies but are right on the edge and without careful questioning the wrong conclusion could be drawn. 
  • it is hard to find the truth
  • it is hard to catch the giant moths that fly into your house at night when one of your kids leaves the only window without a screen open and the light on. 
  • it is hard to say that my lately my children are all sharing many of these stellar behaviours, it might be easier if there was only one of them but I don't do easy very well. 
  • it is hard. 

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