Thursday 20 May 2010

Archived Post 2010 - Broken hearts

The day did not get any better and as Kevin was outside pulling weeds ( because he made the choice to make a small job take forever and have a good old screaming tantrum in the middle )> Randall and I sat down for dinner.

It was a yummy meal, Randall looked at me and said " Mom, how come birth mom did not want any more". After I put my heart back together I tried to talk him through just how that happened and how she got to keep 1 child but the other 4 had to go into care and how 3 were adopted and one was not.

 It is way to much for an eight year old to comprehend even when you tell them in kid terms and leave out all the brutal neglect and abuse. I did the best I could, then Kevin came in part way through and and added his 2 cents and then I got the behaviour from him that goes along with talking about birth mom, silliness, reprimanded, hiding then apologetic and looking for cuddles. We all moved on and went to bed but it was hard for them and for me.

This is only the 2nd time in 2 years he has had a real conversation with me about her. He is slowly but surely working all of this out, I wish he did not have to though.