Monday 7 April 2014

Archived Post 2014 - Monday Moments

  • Hey look I came back, amazing I know.
  • Things continue to be super busy.
  • The kids  had a calmer week, well most of them did, which was good, calm is good.
  • Dealing with a teenager who rages and get violent is really more than I would like to deal with most days and considering that only happened once this week I call it calm.
  • The girl child can swear long and loud enough to make a sailor blush, she did some of that this week too but it's nothing like it used to be.
  • I am dealing with some super annoying and exhausting auto-immune issues and would really prefer that I just sail through life perfectly healthy because it would make things so much easier.
  • Winter is still here and if this damn snow doesn't leave soon I am going to explode. I need to be outside and I need more sun.
  • I have managed to convince work to give me the summer off so I do not have to deal with finding childcare, this is a really good thing for everyone involved.
  • I am looking super forward to a 2 week vacation is Massachusetts this summer and some time with some of my dearest friends camping with all of our small people in tow.
  • I am quickly running out of minutes on my parking meter and my coffee cup is empty which says to me that it is time to get moving.
  • I've missed this space, I am excited to back into the swing of things but it might take some time before I come up with anything other than posts like this.

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